PTP Sliding Sleeve

The PTP Sliding Sleeve is used as an in-tubing opening & closing device which, when open, allows flow between the completion tubing and the annular area to circulate completion fluids out of the tubing, or to acidize formations. The design incorporates polished bores in both the Top and Bottom Sub and premium vee-packing seal stacks. Sliding Sleeves are designed with full tubing flow through the Nipple and the Sleeve. It is designed with an industry standard Landing Nipple profile within the ID of the Top Sub to allow a Lock Mandrel attached with Subsurface Flow Controls, or a plugging device to be set across the Sliding Sleeve.

The Sliding Sleeve is installed as an integral part of the main production tubing string and can be run in either the ‘open’ or ‘closed’ position. PTP can provide Sliding Sleeves in a ‘shift down to Open’ or ‘shift up to Open’ configuration, as well as designs utilising entirely non-elastomeric materials to suit a variety of operations.

It is necessary to consider the Well environment and conditions when discussing the pressure rating and material of the packing unit, PTP offer Sliding Sleeves in a range of sizes and models up to 10,000 psi rated working pressure.


The PTP Sliding Sleeve can be supplied in various Material Configurations to suit custom operational and environmental requirements.

The Sliding Sleeve is actuated using the P-B Shifting Tool, which will engage the internal profile of the Insert Sleeve and jarring will shift the sleeve into the ‘open’ or ‘closed’ position.

PTP offers a large variety of seal stacks from our standard seal stack (Viton/Teflon/Ryton) to other elastomeric/non-elastomeric combinations. All PTP Sliving Sleeves can be supplied in materials conforming to NACE standard MR-0175 for sulfide stress cracking with alternative materials available upon request.

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