P-AFH Two-Trip Equalising Plug Assembly

The PTP ‘P-AFH’ Two-Trip Equalising Plug is a plugging device designed to seal off pressure from above and below. The ‘P-AFH’ Plug is designed with a removable Equalising Prong suited for use in wells where sand or sediment might be present and issues may be encountered. The removable Prong comes in 31” length as standard to ensure that it protrudes from the fishing neck of the Lock Mandrel and will not be obstructed by debris for retrieval.

Product Detail

The Plug is run in hole without the Prong in place, providing a large fluid bypass area and allowing fast run- in time. The ‘P-AFH’ plug will locate in a ‘PAF’ top no-go landing nipple by positive no-go shoulder. This prevents downward movement, allowing the locking dogs to expand into the locking profile of the landing nipple. The Prong is then run on wireline and stabbed into the Plug to seal off communication from below and isolate the production flow.

The P-AFH Two-Trip Equalising Plug Assembly is supplied with rated working pressures up to 10,000 Psi (690 bar) and are available in premium materials to suit virtually any well conditions upon request.

Benefits & Features:

  • Locking mechanism is located above the sealing elements.
  • ‘P-A’ Running tool gives a positive indication that the Lock Mandrel has been set in the Landing Nipple correctly and the setting operation is complete.
  • All PTP Lock Mandrels are good for H2S – CO2 service at 300°
  • Lock Mandrel and Running Tool are designed to be compatible with industry standard wireline equipment and running procedures.
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